Holiday celebrations are always more fun with friends, including the fuzzy, four-footed variety. There’s almost no discomfort a canine wouldn’t suffer to spend Halloween Eve on the trick-or-treating trail with their owners. But even the most patient pup might have a hard time hiding a look of resignation when they realize what this night out is going to cost them in dignity. Here’s a list of 7 fabulous family pets who are counting the minutes till the costume comes off.


1. This Dalmation who knows one false move could lead to an udder disaster.

2. This English bulldog who is feeling less super by the minute.

3. This Pomeranian who can’t smell a thing since his nose went numb.

4. This Golden Retriever who suspects she won’t remember any of this in the morning. 

5. “911? I’m stuck in Halloween, and I can’t get out!”

6. This Lab who was grateful to make it out of the house before their owner thought of lipstick.

7. This pug who fully understands that while Halloween might be over in a few hours, Christmas is just around the corner.